Utah Bobcat Hunts

Utah Bobcat Hunts

Utah Bobcat Hunts

Utah Bobcat Hunts with NoTellum Outfitters

The next season for Bobcats is in the year 2025.  They go on sale in October of 2025.  You may purchase the permits at UTAH DWR.  There are a few things you need to do first.  You must obtain a fur harvester education registration certificate at UTAH DWR, the course is online, when you are finished your instructor will verify your course completion in the online hunter education system. Then you can obtain a Furbearer license at UTAH DWR

What to Expect

Bobcat hunting can be just as exciting as chasing a mountain lion.  It has just as many challenges.  Guided bobcat hunts are conducted with the use of hound dogs.  You can combine this hunt along with a Mountain Lion hunt.

Bobcat Hunting Details

Generally, Bobcat hunts start in November and go through March.  During these months the snowfall can vary, but we hunt no matter the weather.  Our days start off very early in the mornings driving and cutting roads for fresh tracks. We utilize trucks, ATVs, and snowmobiles.  In the Spring hunts can be much more challenging.  If you would like to witness the excitement of the race of the hunt, this might be the best hunt for you.  Watching the hounds work hard in the dry ground to find the bobcat.  We will accommodate the hunt according to the hunter's physical abilities and desires.

Packing List

What to pack for a winter hunt/Nov-March:                         What to pack for a spring hunt/March-May:

- A valid hunting license/safety card                                        - A valid hunting license/safety card
- Waterproof Hiking Boots/Heavy insulation                            - Waterproof Hiking Boots/Light Insulation
- Wool socks/Moisture-wicking                                                - Moisture-wicking socks
- Wool long underwear                                                            - Long underwear
- Gaiters                                                                                  - Pants/light wool or jeans
- Pants/Wool or mid-weight                                                     - Shirts/long sleeve or midweight
- Shirts/ Wool or flannel outer shirts                                        - Hoodie/Lightweight coat
- Heavy Coat                                                                           - Hat
- Warm Hat                                                                                                                

Day pack Suggestions for winter hunt:                               Day Pack Suggestions for spring hunt:

- High Energy Food                                                                 - High Energy Food
- Refillable water bottles                                                          - Refillable water bottle
- Headlamp or flashlight w/extra batteries                               - Headlamp or flashlight w/extra batteries
- Camera                                                                                  - Camera
- Extra Ammo                                                                           - Extra Ammo
- Personal toiletries and medications                                       - Personal toiletries and medications

Suggestions for Both Hunts

Dress in layers because you want to avoid sweating and then getting cold.  When packing your day pack keep the weight of it in mind, you could end up hiking many miles in the snow.  Camouflage is okay to wear but necessary.  No orange clothing is needed.  When choosing the weapon to bring you will need to keep it light.  So we recommend a pistol or open sight rifle.  Usually, your shot will be close.

What's included in your hunt:

- Transportation while in the field
- Opportunity for 1 Bobcat
- Hound Dogs
- Cleaning and skinning of game

NoTellum Outfitters and their hunting guides make your hunting trip an experience of a lifetime.

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