Utah Deer Hunts

Utah Deer Hunts


Utah Deer Hunts with NoTellum Outfitters

It's time to apply for your Utah Mule Deer hunt.  You have till March 3rd 2023 to get your application done.  Go to Utah DWR to apply.  NoTellum Outfitters would love to help you on your exciting Utah Mule Deer Hunt.  

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What to Expect

NoTellum Outfitters will provide transportation, using trucks, side by sides, horses, and pack mules if needed.  If your goal is to harvest a Mule Deer Buck in velvet during the archery hunt or to use your long-range rifle to bag your trophy, Mule Deer.  We provide experiences that you won't ever forget, and we can accommodate the needs of most hunters.  We offer a 5-day hunt depending on what deer tag you have.  We can provide Outfitting services for you from Daggett County to the Book Cliffs, we cover all of Northeastern Utah.   

Deer Hunting Details

For the Utah Mule Deer hunt you can obtain your Utah Deer tag at Utah DWR.  You must have a valid Utah hunting or combination license.  On May 31st 2023 you will find out your drawing results.  Any limited-entry permits remaining after the big game drawing will be available to buy over the counter July 12th 2023.  All permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

General-Season buck deer dates.

  • Archery:                                     Aug. 20th to Sept. 16th (includes, North Slope, South Slope, Bonanza/Vernal)
  • Any Legal weapon-early hunts: Oct. 12th to Oct. 16th (includes North Slope)
  • Any Legal weapon (rifle) hunts: Oct. 22nd to Oct. 30th (includes North Slope, South Slope, Bonanza/Vernal)
  • Muzzleloader:                            Sept. 28th to Oct. 6th (includes North Slope, South Slope, Bonanza/Vernal)

Limited-entry buck deer dates

  • Archery:                                                 Aug. 20th to Sept. 16th (includes Book Cliffs, South Slope, Diamond Mtn)
  • Any Legal weapon (rifle) hunts:             Oct. 22nd to Oct. 30th (includes Book Cliffs North, Book Cliffs South, South Slope, Diamond Mtn.)
  • Muzzleloader:                                         Sept. 28th to Oct. 6th (includes Book Cliffs, South Slope, Diamond Mtn)
  • Muzzleloader-on general season units: Nov. 2nd to Nov.10th (includes North Slope, South Slope, Bonanza/Vernal)

Packing list

What to pack for a fall hunt:                         

- A valid hunting license/safety card                                        
- Waterproof Hiking Boots/Heavy insulation                            
- Wool socks/Moisture-wicking                                                
- Wool long underwear                                                            
- Gaiters                                                                                    
- Pants/Wool or mid-weight                                                     
- Shirts/ Wool or flannel outer shirts                                        
- Heavy Coat                                                                             
- Warm Hat                                                                                                                

Day pack Suggestions for a fall hunt:                               

- High Energy Food                                                                 
- Refillable water bottles                                                          
- Headlamp or flashlight w/extra batteries                               
- Camera                                                                                  
- Extra Ammo                                                                           
- Personal toiletries and medications                                       

Suggestions for Hunts

Dress in layers because you want to avoid sweating and then getting cold.  When packing your day pack keep the weight of it in mind, you could end up hiking many miles in the snow.  Camouflage is okay to wear but necessary.  Orange clothing is needed. 

What's included in your hunt:

- Transportation while in the field
- Opportunity for 1 Deer
- Cleaning and skinning of game

NoTellum Outfitters and their hunting guides make your hunting trip an experience of a lifetime.

Utah DWR

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