Highline Trail Uintah Mountains

Highline Trail Uintah Mountains

Summer Uintah Mountains

Summer Uintah Mountains

Starting in June, experience the Highline Trail of the Uintah Mountains.  This trail passes through forests and offers stunning views of Utah.  Once the snow starts to melt, we offer early camping or trail rides for those looking to enjoy the wilderness.  With 98 miles of trails, there is a variety of options to cater to all our guests. 

We can take you on a trial ride to see the breathtaking views without all the hard work of hiking.  Do a non-guided or guided drop camps close to the Highline Trail.  So, you can enjoy having a nice place to rest after a long day of hiking all the close trails.  Or if you are a hiker, hiking the entire Highline trail from Mckee Draw Hwy 191 to the Mirror lake Hwy.  We can provide supply and food caches at a designated location.

What is a non-guided drop camp? A drop camp is where we pack all your gear into the campsite, leave for a specific amount of time, and return to pack your gear back to base camp, or to the vehicles. You have the option to hike or ride a horse to your camp.  This is a great way to get away from the crowds and access the remote parts of the wilderness.  We highly suggest bringing a satellite phone.

Guided drop camps are another option we offer.  We provide tents, firewood, cooking/eating utensils, propane lanterns, latrine facilities, cooking tops, and a dining table.  Food is included, with a Dutch oven provided for cooking.  The client provides sleeping bags, personal gear, and a fishing license if you are wanting to fish.  We have a 2-person minimum for outfitted camp and will discuss the weight limit of personal supplies when booking the hunt.  We still pack all your gear out for you in an outfitted camp.

Please contact us to discuss all the many options we can provide.


  • Back country support for highline trail, food caches-$1000 per person
  • 3-5 Day Non-Guided Drop Camps- $2,000 per person
  • 3-5 Day Guided Drop Camps- $2,000 per person

We require a 3-day minimum for drop camps guided or non-guided.


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