Utah Bear Hunts

Utah Bear Hunts


Utah Bear Hunts with NoTellum Outfitters

Utah Bear Hunts are open now.  Our hunting guides would love to assist you in taking your prized trophy along with a lasting remembrance.

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Bear Hunting Details

To participate in Utah's Black Bear hunt, you need to obtain a permit.  Before you apply for a bear permit you must complete an online Bear orientation at UTAH DWR. You need to obtain a current Utah hunting license (valid for 365 from day of purchase). Then you can start applying online at UTAH DWR for your hunt.  You will find out the draw results usually in March, you have a few Bear hunts to choose from.

Spring limited-entry hunts (any legal weapon):

  • BookCliffs, BitterCreek/South #BR7001                              April 2-May 30
  • South Slope, Bonanza/Diamond Mtn/Vernal #BR7015      April 2-May 30
  • North Slope, three corners/West Daggett                          April 2-May 30

Summer limited-entry hunts (any legal weapon):

  • BookCliffs, BitterCreek/South #BR7101                              May 21-June 26
  • North Slope, three corners/West Daggett #BR71111         May 21-June 26
  • South Slope, Bonanza/Diamond Mtn/Vernal #BR7117       May 21-June 26

Fall limited-entry hunts (any legal weapon):

  • North Slope, three corners/West Daggett #BR7212         August 20-Sept 27 / Nov 3-Nov 13
  • South Slope, Bonanza/Diamond Mtn/Vernal #BR7218      Aug 20-Sept 27 / Nov 3-Nov 13

Harvest Objective permit allows you to harvest one black bear until the season ends or the unit's harvest objective has been met.  Purchase March 10th, 2025, permit not valid until three days from the date of purchase.

Packing List

What to pack for a winter hunt/Nov-March:                        What to pack for a spring hunt/March-May:

- A valid hunting license/safety card                                        - A valid hunting license/safety card
- Waterproof Hiking Boots/Heavy insulation                            - Waterproof Hiking Boots/Light Insulation
- Wool socks/Moisture-wicking                                                - Moisture-wicking socks
- Wool long underwear                                                            - Long underwear
- Gaiters                                                                                  - Pants/light wool or jeans
- Pants/Wool or mid-weight                                                     - Shirts/long sleeve or midweight
- Shirts/ Wool or flannel outer shirts                                        - Hoodie/Lightweight coat
- Heavy Coat                                                                           - Hat
- Warm Hat

Suggestions for Both Hunts

Dress in layers because you want to avoid sweating and then getting cold.  When packing your day pack keep the weight of it in mind, you could end up hiking many miles in the snow.  Camouflage is okay to wear but necessary.  No orange clothing is needed.  When choosing the weapon to bring you will need to keep it light.  So we recommend a pistol or open sight rifle.  Usually, your shot will be close.

What to pack:                                                               What's included in your hunt:

- A valid hunting license                                                 - Transportation while in the field
- High energy food                                                         - Opportunity for 1 Bear
- Refillable water bottles                                                - Hound Dogs
- Headlamp or flashlight w/extra batteries                     - Cleaning and skinning of game
- Camera
- Extra Ammo
- Personal toiletries and medications

Notellum Outfitters and their hunting guides make your hunting trip an experience of a lifetime.

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