California Wild Pig Hunts

California Wild Pig Hunts

Wild Pig

California Wild Pig Hunts with NoTellum Outfitters

NoTellum Outfitters offers Wild pig hunting on private ranches in Central California.  California doesn't have much public lands for you to hunt, so using NoTellum Outfitters is an advantage for you.  We can do a 2 day hunt fully guided with meals and lodging.  The wild pig population is over abundant, and you can hunt them year around.  As a hunter you will have many opportunity's to harvest your wild pig.  The average weight for a wild pig can be 160lbs and up to 300 lbs.  

What to Expect

Hunters can expect to start hunting in the mornings, and again in the afternoons.  Our guides have done all the work of monitoring the herds, and learning their patterns so you can put a pig in your freezer.  We will accommodate for all levels of hunters and all levels of fitness depending on the hunter.  We would love to take a first time wild pig hunter or an experienced hunter wanting an adventure.  

What to bring

California Hunting License

California Pig tag

Rifle or Archery 

Copper Ammunition

Hiking Boots


California DWR

What's included

Transportation in the field

1 pig per hunter

Cleaning and skinning of the wild pig

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