California Turkey Hunts

California Turkey Hunts

California Turkey Hunts with NoTellum Outfitters

NoTellum Oufitters hunts Rio Grande Turkeys in Tulare County around Springville California on private land.  We schedule hunts for both Spring and Fall turkey season.  We offer two day hunts with lodging and meals.  

What to Expect

Your guide will decide depending on the weather the best locations to set you up to get the best shot at a majestic Rio Grande Turkey.  Decoys will be used in the areas where the turkeys roost.  All traditional calling methods will be used to call in the turkey.  The hunts have to be concluded at 5pm per the California department of Fish and Wildlife.  Turkey's eye site is estimated to be about 10 times better than a human's.  Turkey's are quick to spot unnatural colors in their environment.  So we suggest to avoid clothing that will draw attention to them by wearing camouflage.  The Spring season hunt is highly recommended, you will have a better chance on getting a turkey.  If you choose the Archery, it will test your archery skills, but can be less successful. 

Turkey Hunting Details

Spring season:  March 26th and goes through May 1st statewide

Limits:  Only 1 bearded turkey

Archery only season: May 2nd through May 15th.

Fall season:  Second Saturday in November, 16 days long

Limits: 1 Wild turkey either sex

Junior season:  March 19th & 20th

                           May 2nd through 15th

Limits:  Only 1 bearded turkey

What to bring

A valid California hunting license

Upland Game Bird Stamp/Validation 

Shotgun/Full Choke

Shotgun shells-Nonlead Ammunition

Bow-for Archery season

Camo day pack-gloves, coat, hat, face mask

Hiking Boots


What's included

Two days of hunting

Transportation while in the field

Access to private property

Lodging with meals

Plucking or breasting of turkey

California DWR

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